Roasted Sweet Corn, Baby Spinach, & Crispy Garbanzo

Michael Brunson - Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Fire Roasted Sweet Corn, Crispy Garbanzos, Baby Spinach. An easy way to add a healthy crunch factor into any vegetarian or vegan recipe is to take canned garbanzo beans, let them drip dry, and lay them on a baking sheet for a quick bake. No need to fry them, they get plenty crispy being baked in the oven.

Fire-Roasted Sweet Corn & Crispy Garbanzo

14 each- Corn on the Cob
Enough to Coat- Salt & Pepper Mix
Enough to Coat- Corn Oil
Enough to Coat- Red Pepper Flakes
½ cup- Corn Oil
5 each- Red Onion (thinly sliced)
¼ cup- Garlic (chopped)
1 tea- Thyme (dry)
1 tea- Oregano (dry)
#10 can- Garbanzo Beans (drained and rinsed)
2 tea- Cumin
2 tea- Hot Smoked Paprika
1 tea- Cayenne Pepper
4 cups- Water, Corn Stock, or Vegetable Stock

1.Rub the corn with salt & pepper mix, corn oil, and red pepper flakes.
2.Grill the corn for nice caramel color, remove from grill.
3.Allow to cool, cut all corn from the cob and set aside, reserve the cob for corn stock (recipe attached)
4.Thoroughly dry the garbanzo beans and bake @ 400° for 7 minutes.
5.Using a large Rondo, bring corn oil to smoke point.
6.Sauté the red onions and garlic until soft.
7.Add the thyme and oregano.
8.Allow to sauté for 4-7 minutes or until dry.
9.Add the cumin, hot smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper.
10.Mix for uniform color.
11.Deglaze with Corn stock, add the corn into the pot.
12.Remove from heat.

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