Veal & Ricotta Meatballs

Michael Brunson - Monday, July 27, 2015
Veal Meatballs with Kale. The secret to these super moist and meaty meatballs is the ricotta cheese. Use a store bought ricotta or go the extra mile and make a fresh ricotta. I occasionally add pasta to this recipe.

Albondigas de Venado

10#- Veal (ground)
10#- Ricotta
20 each- Large Eggs
6 cups- Romano Cheese
4 cups- Bread Crumbs
2 Tblsp- Fennel (ground)
4 Tblsp- Mustard Powder
1 Tblsp- Coriander
1 Tblsp- Cayenne Pepper
2 tea- Nutmeg
1 Tblsp- Black Pepper
6 Tblsp- Kosher Salt

1. In a large bowl, combine the ground veal, ricotta, eggs, Romano cheese, bread crumbs, and seasonings & herbs.
2. Form the mixture into balls and set aside.
3. Roll balls into bread crumbs and lay onto a slightly greased sheet tray lined with parchment.
4. Freeze the balls for 2 hours.
5. Shallow pan fry the meatballs until golden brown, lay on sheet tray to cool (fry in 6 batches, change oil half way through the batches). DO NOT USE FRYER!
6. Put all golden brown balls into the cooler until completely cooled.
7. Once cooled, bake the meatballs on 400° for 6 minutes.
8. Remove, cool, and wrap for service.

Lamb Juice
4 each- Onion (diced)
6 Tblsp- Olive Oil
8 Quarts- Water
3 Tbslp- Chicken Base
12 each- Bay Leaves
1 cup- Brown Sugar

1.Caramelize the onions completely using olive oil on medium/low heat.
2.Add the Water, Chicken Base, Brown Sugar, and Bay Leaves.
3.Simmer for 9 minutes.
4.Remove from heat.

To Order
1 Tblsp- Olive Oil
1 Tblsp- Sliced Garlic
1 cup- Mustard Greens or Kale (Stems Removed, Rough Chop)
2 each- Veal Meatballs
5 oz- Veal Meatball Juice

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