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Born in Seattle, WA and raised across the United States. Michael spent most of his childhood in Milford, Connecticut watching his grandfather prepare traditional European dishes and sparking a life-long interest in the culinary world. As early as 13, Michael was spending all his free time at his grandfather’s favorite local Italian Restaurant. Working at Nello's Italian Restaurant in Milford, CT for 5 years was a great opportunity and introduction into the Restaurant Industry. "I just knew that this industry is what I was meant to do".


Attended Johnson & Wales University, and graduated with a Culinary degree & hotel/ restaurant management business degree. While attending school, Michael had the opportunity of attending classes given by some of J&W's star celebrity chef friends, Chef Emeril Lagasse, Chef Martin Yan, Iron Chefs' Bobby Flay, and "Malto" Mario Batali. "Attending those classes was the highlight of my culinary school experience. Working functions with visiting chefs and Master chefs from all over the world was a weekly opportunity around campus, and willing to work for free; just for the experience will definitely jump your name right to the top of the list”.


Before Graduation, Michael was recruited by RARE Hospitality Corp. and began his corporate chef career. After years of working in the corporate world, he began to crave creativity that the corporate world couldn't offer. Michael began to travel and work across the United States. From the Blue Crab shacks on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the Organic/local produce growers in Seattle WA, the small Butcher shops and larger meat markets of Chicago IL, big city Gourmet in Manhattan NY, or small mountain town saloons in Telluride CO, all were home for Michael at one point and time over a 10 year period. Those different places and people influenced and gave Michael a better understanding about the importance of regional food for everyday life in the United States. “The road was never easy, this business can either chew you up and spit you out or make a true believer out of you. Years of living the restaurant lifestyle the wrong way and making it out alive has taught me patients, understanding, and living life one day at a time”.


"Being able to continue my Culinary Education outside of the classroom was so important to me because I knew that once I settle down, like a lot of chefs; I'd put the "blinders" on and claim to know everything about the industry". After years on the road, Michael took the Chef de Cuisine position for the Foxfire Restaurant group and quickly climbed his way to Executive Chef status and assisted in planning and opening, multiple restaurants in the Chicagoland area. His talents were noticed by Carlos Reverendo and Fernando Leon, Two restaurateurs and long-time Boston Natives. Chef Michael joined their team in 2007 as Executive Chef of the popular Spanish Tapas Bar in Waltham, MA. In 2011, Michael assisted in the planning and opening of Kika Tapas in Kendall Square Cambridge and took charge of the restaurant group’s eldest unit Tapeo Restaurant & Tapas Bar on Newbury Street in Boston. He has since acquired the title of Corporate Executive Chef (Culinary Director) and oversees Carlos and Fernando’s three Boston based tapas restaurants. “Getting my hands on Tapeo has been an exciting and long awaited challenge. Seeing improvement and progress on a daily basis is exciting and stressful”, "Being able to enjoy my job, getting the look of satisfaction from a guest’s face, or being able to learn something new every day, really keeps me excited about my work", “Hearing chefs complain about running one restaurant is truly humorous these days, so much so that I rarely tell other chefs what I do”. When people ask what I do for a living, I just say “I am in restaurants”.


In January of 2015, Michael began consulting with local and national brands. He has introduced hundreds of new products to market and assisted in reviving troubled businesses around the Boston area. “Being injected into a new team, setting quantifiable goals, and achieving those goals cross functionally with all departments is exciting and challenging”. “Consulting has given me the opportunity for continued growth within this industry”.


In January of 2016, Michael was introduced to The Foodery in Malden, MA. The Foodery is a healthy, prepared meals delivery service focused on sustainability, human health, animal welfare and environmental impact. “After meeting with Mike and John (co-founders), I was immediately excited about the potential impact The Foodery could delivery to Boston”. Michael joined the team first as a consultant, then as an investor, turned executive chef, and now oversees operations as their first culinary director. “Providing a fun night out for a guest is great fun but impacting lives, providing education, passion and nutrition to busy Boston families offers me the purpose to help the greater good”.  

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