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Chef Michael offers his services to independent restaurateurs, corporate chefs/chains, and national brands. Staffing is an issue for all restaurateurs. Maybe you have a chef in place who you’d like to keep, but who needs some assistance or training. Utilize Chef Michael to make those changes without replacing your loyal or cost effective staff. Get all the benefits of a trained, consistent, certified chef without that increase in payroll. Take your food from Good to Great. This service is confidential and concise.


 • Implementing structure, efficiency, cost effective scheduling

 • Ideation, Creation, and Concept Development

 • Accurate Inventory systems

 • Accurate Ordering Systems (Utilizing Par levels)

 • Product Outsourcing/Vendors (Cost compare analysis)

 • Daily Prep Sheets, Cost Analysis,

 • Team Development and Training

 • HACCP systems analysis/guidelines- preventative approach to food safety

 • Food Safety/Quality Audits

 • Recipe Development/Accurate recipe book

 • Update your menu with food trends without getting trendy or overly pretentious

 • Nutritional facts for your menu

 • Assisting to build current staff (ServeSafe Proctoring, Allergy Awareness, and CPR Certification)

 • Troubleshooting a new menu - from initial planning to final roll out

 • Kitchen Design/Equipment Specification and Procurement

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